Thank you for visiting my portfolio of works related to my practice. The pages that follow contain multiple uses of media, less traditional use of materials, and conceptual underpinnings, which are the basis of my practice. You will be able to see examples of wall and floor works, three-dimensional objects, and installations.

I see you as a participant in the work. What you bring to the experience of the work is as valuable as the work itself, if not more so. I feel my work is only an introduction to a conversation, and the conversation itself is the actual piece.

This is the reason I encourage dialog and give you the freedom to comment. Please contact me if you have questions and would like to continue a conversation about the work, about my practice, or about the arts.

A painting of a black and white abstract

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A room with three sculptures and a television on the wall.


After the interruption of Covid to all aspects of life, and after a period of...